Are you going to be wearing green on March 10th and 17th? If you have a celebratory bone in your body, you will want to check out one or more of these fine establishments in the Huntington area.

** Please note that Huntington’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is on Sunday March 10th but that St. Patrick’s Day is on Saturday March 17th.**

All the pubs and restaurants in Huntington will be celebrating both days. WOW, two St. Paddy’s days… the Five Harbors area is lucky.

Also if you want to help others feel lucky, sign up for the Townwide Fund Hartigan St. Patrick's Day Run

Here are some pubs and restaurants/bars you may want to visit. And while you’re doing a crawl, count your blessings – because Irish or not, we are all lucky to live here!

F.H. Riley’s- Riley’s is a slightly more upscale Irish bistro with a great bar and absolutely outstanding salads.  Try the Crackling Calamari and a beer – heaven.  If you’re really hungry, get the Salmon Napoleon. If you’re done crawling, eat dessert. If not, move on.

  • 400 New York Ave, Huntington
  • 631-271-7600

Katie Mcs and Nags Head are right on the parade route. Nags Head has doors that open up on to NY Ave, a perfect viewing spot as long as you are there early. These bars will be sure to keep libations cold and on-going! Venture on down the way to grab some Irish grub…

photo courtesy of Swallow

Swallow- Singing its swan-song this Huntington St. Patrick's Day Parade. Come in and enjoy their sliders before you can't get them any more.

  • 366 New York Ave, Huntington
  • 631-547-5388

photo courtesy of Porto Fino restaurant

Porto Fino… Supplement your liquid diet before, during or after the parade with their signature corned beef and cabbage slice and don’t forget to dip in to the spicy mustard! This isn’t available all year so make a point to give it a try!

  • 395 New York Ave, Huntington
  • 631-673-1200

Meehans- With the slogan “Meet, Eat, and Drink” this Modern Irish bar and restaurant, right on the St. Patrick’s parade route, is an easy stop to meet up or gather the troops. Dive into a classic Irish dish like corned beef and cabbage or pull up a stool at the huge bar and grab a Guinness. There’s still much crawling to do so after a rest …head on out.

  • 371 New York Ave, Huntington
  • 631-351-0831

photo courtesy of Finnegans

Finnegans-  We love to come here for burgers all the time.  They have great food, sticky floors and lots of Irish beers. It is truly the place “where everybody knows your name.”  Which is impressive, since they were established in 1913 and that’s a lot of people to remember.  So stop by and do something memorable.

  • 5 Wall Street, Huntington
  • 631.423.9696

photo courtesy of Finleys

Finley’s - Another favorite place where “the beer’s always cold and the staff is always warm”. Start here and come for brunch. If this is one stop on the way then try the ribs and one of the 32 draughts and over 65 bottled beers. Keep moving- there’s music to listen to…

  • 43 Greene Street, Huntington
  • 631-351-3446

photo courtesy of Christophers

Christopher’s Courtyard Cafe-  Stop in for great bar food  and outdoor dining on patio with DJ on day of parade. Move on over to…

  • 8 Wall Street, Huntington
  • 631-271-0111

photo courtesy of Sapsuckers

Sapsuckers,  Be sure to check out their “Field Guide to Beer” and their pierogies are delicious and get in the real mood with the Irish Stout Pie!

  • 287 Main Street, Huntington
  • 631-683-4945

photo courtesy of McKeowns Pub

McKeown's Pub-  Replaces former Mary Carroll's but keeps the great vibe and enjoyable outdoor bar area. They are the spot for the proper pint of guinness. 

  • 1 Clinton Ave, Huntington
  • 631-223-2088

photo courtesy of Rust & Gold

Rust & Gold- This place is all about good food, good drinks and good times. Located in the former home of Rookies, this spot is a Huntington must-stop and the locals rave about the creative menu items and drinks. Get in the St. Paddy's day mood with a corned beef & kraut egg roll. 

  • 70 Gerard Street, Huntington
  • 631-629-4431

The Shamrock, 138 New York Ave, Halesite, (across from Huntington Harbor). This long-time family-owned establishment is a popular local hangout with great pot roast, pool tables and a really fun atmosphere.  If you stop by, you may not want to leave and that’s okay.

photo courtesy of Nappy Tandys 

Napper Tandy’s- Okay, at this point, you may be toast, and if so we don’t want you on the road driving to Northport.  But Napper Tandy’s is a great Irish pub with many classic Irish dishes including fish and chips and shepherd’s pie. Look for specials on food and drink along with traditional and modern Irish music all night every Sunday.

  • 229 Laurel Rd, Northport
  • 631-757-4141

For those celebrating at home, be sure to get all your party refreshments at Shoreline Beverage and Harbor Beverage – famous for their selection of beers on tap and growlers.

The Lucky To Live Here Team wishes you Happy St. Paddy’s Celebrations!  “May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, may good luck pursue you each morning and night” ~ Irish Blessing