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Lucky to Live Here Team

Lucky to Live Here Team

Lucky to Live Here Realty is built on the skills, passions, and track records of top selling real estate agents who call the North Shore of Long Island home. We're not just your Realtor, we're part of your community, with a passion for helping and educating sellers and buyers.

We Believe Luxury is More Than a Number
Most people think we only sell luxury homes… and they’re right we do!

We offer a luxury experience for ALL of our listings, with top-notch marketing your home will get the attention it deserves.

# of homes we sold from Jan 2018 - Oct 2018 between price ranges:

$250K - $549K: 18

$550K - $849K: 30

$850K - $999K: 14

$1M - $1.9M: 18

$2M+: 10