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Jennifer Bergmann

Jennifer Bergmann

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Jennifer has dedicated herself to ensure that each client she works with enjoys a direct hands-on approach to create trust and confidence. Her ability to engage and connect with people on a personal level allows her to truly understand what it is that her clients require. She is honest and real about what works and what doesn’t, along with successfully getting the client the end result.

Selling a home in today’s economy you MUST have a strong online marketing presence. Jennifer is able to properly market your home with the resources and lead platform that's exclusive to Lucky To Live Here Realty.

Buying a home requires the right resources and knowledge to get you there faster. Her stress-free approach and fun outlook on the process allows for an enjoyable experience.

What will I do for you? All the things you don’t have time for.

Will I listen to your needs? All day, every day. Call/text/email me. I’m here.

Can I help you save time and money? That’s the goal. Your time and money are valuable

Will I spend time to explain to you what’s going on? Educated and well informed decisions is how this gets done.

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