Happy National Pie Day! The Huntington/Five Harbors Area has some of the tastiest and homemade options on Long Island. So grab a fork and make your way around to these absolutely delectable spots.


Blondies Bakeshop- stop in to browse the glass counters brimming with an array of baked goods. Place your orders for holiday pies and keep an eye out for their mobile bakeshop- the Little Blonde Truck.

Cold Spring Harbor

Sweetie Pies on Main- brings in freshly made Young Farm pies- the Dark Cherry Pie as seen on Verizon's Restaurant Hunter is amazing! Place your holidays orders early. They also serve miniature pies from Fiorello Dolce.


A-Rise Above Bakeshop- these bakeshop goods feel as if they came right out of your oven at home. Choose from a selection of home-made pies and don't forget to take home a box of their cookies and scones.

Fiorello Dolce- make one stop for all your bakery needs including an assortment of delicious freshly made pies in assorted types and sizes. The miniature pies are a wonderful treat.

Kerbers Farm- when you stop at Kerber's you feel as if you've been taken a trip out-east. Their pies are fresh and delicious. The Smores Pie is a stunner and pleases a crowd- you may need to buy 2!

Hometown Bakeshop (Black & Blue/Farmers Markets/Online)- Hometown Bakeshop products can be ordered online but you can also taste pastry chef Danna Abram's creations at Black & Blue, Southdown Coffee and local Farmers Markets. The miniature blueberry pie is great and if you are looking for a savory option- the Pot Pie is delicious and the Tomato Pie is out-of-this-world.

Reinwalds- this spot has been baking delicious goodies for 24 years. The dutch apple pie is delicious. Place your orders early for your holiday goods and pies.

Wild Flours (gluten free/dairy free)- this bakery specializes in baking items for those with gluten sensitivity but they are sure to please a whole crowd.


Copenhagen Bakery- pies are one of the numerous bakery items which this harbor-side bakery produces each day.

Hummel Hummel Bakery- choose from a variety of seasonal pies and don't forget to check out their famous pizza crumb.